• Cardiology

    You can take whatever heart problems your dog or cat may have to the Deprest veterinary practice in Ruiselede.

    Your own vet may also refer you to us.

  • Basic care for dogs and cats

    We can provide high-quality veterinary care in all phases of your pet’s life.

    Your cat will be welcome at the practice.

  • Contact us

    Consultations with an appointment only.

    Phone: +32 (0)51-689893

    Opening hours
  • Cardiology

    Heart diseases in dogs and cats can be diagnosed increasingly well using modern techniques (echocardiography, radiography, ECG and Holter monitoring). Treatments for certain heart diseases have evolved hugely, letting us help your pet better (for example, treatments for cardiac failure, balloon dilatation for pulmonic stenosis, inserting pacemakers, etc.).

  • Doorverwijzingen

    Wij ontvangen graag uw huisdier na een doorverwijzing van uw dierenarts.
    Nadat uw dierenarts het doorverwijs formulier heeft ingevuld kunnen we een consultatie inplannen.

Our services

We have extensive services on offer for thorough investigation and treatment of cardiology and respiratory patients. The practice has sophisticated equipment for carrying this work out.

The practice’s philosophy

Assured quality, respecting both the animal and the owner.

We aim for a high-quality, personal approach to the owner and their pet. On the one hand, we provide thorough basic care for dogs and cats; on the other, we also treat referral patients with heart problems. A deliberate choice was made to have a single-vet practice with a number of assistants.

The Deprest veterinary practice (DAP Deprest) uses the latest technology. Many years of experience plus continuous training mean we can offer the highest quality.

You can go to Christine Deprest (DAP Deprest) for comprehensive basic care in all stages of your pet’s life. All consultations are with Christine herself. If Christine is unavailable, you will be referred to a colleague or you can make an appointment for when she is back.

The emphasis is on a personal approach. All potential treatments are discussed properly and the owner takes the final decision. We always respect the owner’s choice.